How To Access Facebook In China


If you live or currently in China for travel or business, you might be aware that you no longer have access to social media like Facebook, Twitter and video streaming sites such as YouTube. This is called government censorship. There are some ways that you can use to enable you to gain access to the Facebook account from your smartphone, tablet or computer when in China. This write-up summarizes some of the ways/methods you can apply to access Facebook in China.

1. Use VPN- Virtual Private Network

A VPN is a program that will enable you to access a private network via public networks. So how does it work? So what a VPN program does, is that it lets you choose a destination to which you want to access the private network such as Facebook. 

Before logging to Facebook, you can select a country such as the US to be your destination for which you want to access Facebook. By doing this, you will virtually access Facebook from the U.S when physically you are in China. There are thousands of VPN program offered in the market some of which are free to use while others are paid. One of the best free is the Unlimited Free VPN- So if you are in a country such as China, and you cannot access private network such as Facebook, then this can solve the problem for you. Other popular VPN includes; Cyber Ghost, Okay Freedom VPN, JustFree VPN, HotSpot Shield Free and the Tunnel Bear.

2. Use Of A Proxy

A proxy is usually a website that is based on different locations than where you are physical. For example, the website can be based on the U.S or Australia when indeed you are in China. This means that wherever your proxy is based, you can access whatever sites you are legally allowed to from that destination.
However, proxy servers are currently getting blocked by the Chinese government. Here is an example of the best proxy to use to access Facebook when in China or if you feel that you want to use other proxies you can access a list of them from here

3. Download The Tor Browser

This is a browser that will gain you access to blocked sites in China including Facebook. So how does the browser work? It is rather simple, when you connect to any website using the browser, the info is transferred passed around between some relays globally thus enabling you to bypass firewalls and the restricted sites.

Even though this method works perfectly well, the load time is usually very slow, and many people prefer using the VPN or the Proxy due to their effectiveness. However if you the only option is the Tor browser you can download it from here;


In summary, the above are the most efficient ways of accessing Facebook while in China. It is recommended that you download or buy a VPN service which has features designed for China, as this will save you all the hectic work of connecting and reconnecting and even dealing with limits on bandwidths.

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